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At Lifeforce, we believe in bracing for scoliosis treatment. We totally understand parent’s concern of taking measurement with the traditional plaster casting. Hence, we introduced 3D scanning for measurement taking for Scoliosis brace. This 3D scanner emits white light which is safe for the eyes while taking the measurement.  It is also cleaner, has higher rate of accuracy as compared to plaster casting. Additionally, there is no direct touching of the patient. Only placement of reflective positioning targets are required on the body. The time taken during the appointment is also much shorter as compared to plaster casting. EVERY BRACE IS UNIQUE TO EVERY SCOLIOSIS PATIENTS.

3D Scanning

Manual Casting

Lifeforce manufactures 2 types of scoliosis brace – Boston Brace and Type Rigo-Cheneau Brace

Scoliosis Brace

Scoliosis brace is the most commonly used brace for scoliosis treatment and it adopts the 3 dimension pressure of the spine. The custom made brace will be fabricated after assessment of the patient and X-rays

Type Rigo-Cheneau Brace

Type Rigo-Cheneau brace is an improved version of Cheneau brace by Dr. Rigo. It is an unique bracing system that provides individual scoliosis therapy for any aspects of the scoliosis curve. The custom made brace design will be classified, identified and fabricated after assessment of the patient, their X-rays and clinical photos. X-rays and clinical photos are compulsory for this brace.

Design of Scoliosis Brace

To facilitate the receptiveness of the brace, you may choose a design that you like for your brace.

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